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Good Against Evil

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Good Against Evil

Published 1977

This is a movie length pilot for a series that never materialised. Blatantly influenced by 'The Exorcist' it stars Dack Rambo (who later appeared in 'Dallas' for a while) and co-stars Dan O'Herlihy as the exorcist and a young Kim Catrall as the mother of the possessed girl. The evil 'Rimmin' - leader of the satanic cult - is played by perennial villain Richard Lynch.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Victor Von Psychotron - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 26, 2015
Subject: Worth it for O'Herhily and Lynch
Those two actors both turn in good performances. Lynch is especially good as the villain. This could've made an interesting series with a better script. It's a forgotten example of 1970's Satanic-themed films and TV shows.
Reviewer: pauls son - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 17, 2010
Subject: Good Against Evil
Well, Peggy McKay as the aunt is excellent as usual. And, as noted in the other review, Lynch turns in a chilling, very good performance. The first half is yawn city but the second half is passable tv horror. Yes, Dack Rambo was one hunky Sex-God and was quite talented but the first half of the film seems to exsist only to show off his rather ample package in tight jeans. See how many times you can spot the almost loving close-ups of him from the crotch up. Maybe the cameraman was trying to distract us from the truly untalented lady playing Jessica.
Reviewer: Nicholas Dubreuil - favoritefavorite - August 18, 2010
Subject: Rosemary's Baby meets The Omen meets the Exorcist
A big patchwork of several horror hits from the 1970s in one TV pilot for a series that never was. And for a good reason: it doesn't work a bit. I liked the 70s flavor of it and there's a great casting: Dack Rambo, Dan O'Herlihy, young Kim Cattrall and creepy Richard Lynch. But the script signed by Hammer veteran Jimmy Sangster is definitely not one of his best effort.
As time capsule, this made for tv film is worth viewing, but for suspense and terror try any other Dan Curtis production.
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